Honest Feedback about our Slow Juicers


Thanks to the awesome advice from a friend who saved her life through juicing, we bought a Hurom juicer almost four years ago. We have been using that juicer until recently. What we loved about the Hurom juicer is that it’s a slow masticating juicer. This means it slowly compresses the fruit and vegetables thereby retaining nutrients.

Tribest Green Star Juicer Twin Gears
Tribest Green Star Juicer Twin Gears

Our Hurom Juicer Experience

The Hurom motor is awesome and strong. What I did find challenging were the plastic components of the juicer itself. Within the first month I cracked the plastic auger (the big grinding gear), and a strainer due to not cutting beets small enough to feed into the juicer. Many of these types of juicers with a vertical grinding set up require advance prep work. You must chop the fruit and vegetable into small pieces to make it easier on the machine.

I guess I can say I was not easy on the machine! I was able to get the first time broken parts replaced under warranty, but the next round was on us. We spent about another $100 on replacement parts. So I would say for the gentle and intermittent user, this juicer would be great!

Trying something new

With the amount of daily juicing we do, the massive prep work and challenging parts was getting tiresome. I was fortunate to try my friend Jessica‘s new juicer, the Tribest Green Star. She too had moved on to a more durable tool that could handle frequent use since she was even providing celery juice to clients. At the same time, my husband was also researching slow juicers and had found a few of interest, including Green Star.


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Time for Change

We nursed our Hurom along a few more months until it began jamming multiple times during one juicing session. As a busy family, our time is precious. Between the chopping prep work hand having to clean the juicer two times during each juicing, it was time for a change. We gifted our Hurom to my mum since she needed a slow juicer and since this one still has lots of life left in it.

My husband dug up his research, we reviewed our preferences, and finally chose the Green Star slow juicer. If you’re serious about juicing, do it daily, professionally, or care about saving time and money, then this is a juicer worth considering. It may cost more up front, but this is built for rugged long term use.

Tribest Green Star Benefits

  • Slow masticating which retains nutrients and enzymes
  • Hardly any chopping prep work needed
  • Super efficient – Presses more juice from fruits and vegetables than other juices
  • Makes delicious tasting juice
  • Easy to clean parts
  • Durable plastic that will not break easily
Our two week supply organic celery from Azure Standard

Seriously, it’s absolutely awesome to stick an entire stalk of celery into the juicer without chopping. Of course, there will still be a little prep work needed for fruit and vegetables that need downsizing to fit into the juicer mouth, but nothing like before. For example, with whole lemons, I cut them into 8 slices, peel and rind included. Larger bases of carrots may need to be halved, however no majoy chopping or dicing is needed for these twin gears. Happy mama and her kitchen tools here!

In addition, what surprised my husband and I most was how much creamier and flavorful the juice tasted. We juice whole lemons first thing in the morning, then after time for digestion, we drink celery juice. Both juices tasted remarkably better than before. Plus we got dramatically more juice, and drier fiber, thanks to the efficiency of the Tribest Green Star machine.

In Conclusion

I can say for certain we were grateful for all the good juicing from our Hurom machine. If you have the time for the prep work of chopping the fruit and vegetables, then Hurom may be right for you. However, if you are a serious juicer and want a powerful machine, the Tribest Green Star is a stout option. We are happy juicers for sure! Plus Tribest has lots of options from which to choose, including dehydrators, sprouters and blenders.

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