Spark Health and Family Fun with a Yoga Inversion Swing!


Thanks to my birthday celebration a few years ago, my husband got me a yoga inversion swing/hammock. This was a great gift that was truly a benefit to all of us in the house, and surprisingly an added bonus for the kids to enjoy.


Yoga swing spine stretch and sit ups after a short bike ride and a trampoline workout. #yogaswing #workout #fitnesstips #healthandwellness #yogini

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The primary reason we got a yoga swing was to have an affordable, fun, easy, and space saving way to do inversions. We have been doing yoga for years and love the results from flushing our entire systems with all the postures possible, including inversions. With the yoga swing, we can enjoy inversions, plus some of the other yoga postures we normally do on the floor and even get in a few inverted sit ups at times. It’s a great way to open up the vertebrae and so much more.

Yoga Swing Inversion

Inversion Benefits

  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces pressure on joints
  • Allows joints and spine to stretch out
  • May relieve pain
  • May improve flexibility
  • Increased blood flow to the brain improves awareness, concentration and memory
  • Stimulates lymphatic cleansing which flushes toxins and boosts immune system
  • May help you sleep better since it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system


The alternative to a yoga swing was an inversion table, however, that takes up a lot of space. In contrast, a yoga swing can accomplish a similar goal simply with hanging parachute like fabric. Admittedly, you do need to be a little more prepared to self propel upside down and wrap your legs around the fabric to hold yourself in place. Also, you do need a strong support beam in which to anchor the ceiling mounts.


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The Kid Benefits

There’s lots of videos out there to discover the endless postures you can enjoy on a yoga swing. What I didn’t realize was how much our daughter and her friends would like it too, but for different reasons. They like to use it as a swing, either in a seated position or belly position with arms and legs hanging over each side. In addition, our daughter just likes hanging out in it as a hammock and playing quietly with a small collection of toys. I walk by and gently swing her on occasion adding to the unique calm space it offers her.

Considering kids are quite active and winters are sometimes challenging for creative indoor play time, our yoga swing has saved the day, or at least twenty minutes at a time here and there, on many occasions. Additionally, when play grounds are inaccessible or even closed, having our indoor swing has been a blessing.

Supporting Child Development

I can attest to all of these benefits… the personal health benefits, the children’s playground replacement benefits, and the adult sanity safekeeping benefits. Independent of current global uncertainties, we have always been very creative in support of our daughter’s development. Additionally, our daughter has benefited from my husband’s handy creations like the indoor climbing wall as well.


Grateful for my talented hubby who built a climbing wall for our daughter. #climbingwall #indoorclimbing #indoorplayground #kidactivities #fearless

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We all need to take care of our physical and mental health, especially when additional stress arises. Our bodies are our temple and it’s so critical to support and nurture them daily, and definitely during uncertain times. It’s easy to get bogged down and even lost in all the information and social media bombarding us.

I Believe…

While it’s important to glean knowledge and be informed, I believe it’s also essential to love yourself, your family and be present in creating joy in the moment. We have been working diligently in our little family to foster love, health, growth, ideas, positivity, joy and a lifestyle to love even when life isn’t flowing our habitual and expected way. For example, we even created an at home camping birthday party for our four year old since our camping reservation was cancelled. We all made the most of it and had a great time in our back yard.

If we want to thrive together on this planet, it starts in our hearts and homes. Be the joy you wish to see in the world! Stay in touch with our daily shenanigans and ideas on Instagram.