The Best Gift for Mom!


Plain and simple, the best gift for mom is love and gratitude. Now that I am a mom, I have a new view and appreciation for mothers. It is quite spectacular to experience first hand the unconditional love I have for my child through the roller coaster of growth and changes. I am also often aware of my reflecting thoughts on what it was like for my mother as she raised me.

We may not all have children, nor may we have our birth parents involved in our life, however, someone has played a parental role for each of us. That person is amazing! Personally, I think the best gift of all is letting that individual know how grateful you are for their love and support. And if you can, simply spending a little time with them can fill their cup of love.


Happy Mother’s Day weekend all. So much to be grateful for. ##happymothersday ##hottub ##family ##momlife ##grateful ##motherdaughter

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Share your gratitude

Gifts are great. We all want and need stuff to make our lives more comfortable. However, the comfort in the heart from hearing how grateful someone is for all that you did and do is priceless. You take that with you wherever you go. It can fill your soul with joy. You positively affect other people with that happiness as you go about your life.

Enjoy the precious moments

Spending time with those you love is often all it takes to recharge and refill your heart. When my mother comes to visit to enjoy time with her grandaughter, and hopefully me too (tee hee), we focus on creating lasting memories.

Here are a few ideas on exploring adventures in our area and back yard:


Blessed to have a wonderful mum and for becoming one myself. ##happymothersday ##pacificnorthwest ##momlife ##aussiemum ##motherdaughter ##photography

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Also, my mom, being a holistic healer and massage practitioner, spoils me with wonderful massages. We take time to tell each other we love and care for each other. For us and perhaps you too, this is the best gift for mom!

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Gifts are good too

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about gifts too. Appreciation is important. We attach memories and feelings to certain gifts that help anchor our gratitude when we see or use them. Plus the act of using the gift itself is enjoyable. I’m looking forward to some desperately needed new pots and pans that are hopefully coming my way for Mother’s Day. Or perhaps a collection of my current favorite skin care.

Or perhaps I’ll get some helping hands with a massage or house cleaner!?!? Who knows, all of these things are great, but it’s the personal meaning behind them that makes them special.

My mom and I did enjoy gifting each other some items for Mother’s Day, however the real gift was in the moments of enjoying each day together.  The difference in gifting I think is when we take a moment to stop the speed of our busy lives and truly connect with the people who have an immense impact on our existence.

Share your love

Enjoy the stuff, but slow down and enjoy the moment. Let your mother, or the mom of your children, know that you’re grateful for all the years of unconditional love. Let your mother know you’re grateful she did her best. Let your mother know you love her. That’s the best gift for mom.

Besides, giving thanks makes you happier too! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY each and every day!

One thought on “The Best Gift for Mom!

  1. Darling daughter my daily gratitude mantra is “Thank you Brit-Simone for choosing me to birth you, nurture you, love you, be your mother and mahalo Universe for this ever present joy in my heart, my life”.
    LBBS…Life Before Brit-Simone was me getting my PhD in life, learning, loving, nurturing from my magnificent, beloved mother. Then along came my ultimate gift-YOU…you paint my world in all the colors of the spectrum…and then WOW when I thought my heart and every cell was on love overload you bring Skylar into the world.
    I am floating in an ocean of love, laughter, joy, wellness, longevity and bliss because of the magic of having my incredible daughter and her precious daughter vibrating in my bodymind, spirit and heart.
    This loving energy flows from my mother. Her fierce love, endless wisdom, warrior courage, flowing compassion, caring and sharing, passion, creativity and inspiration, and loving, laughing, kick ass joie de vivre
    are ever present in her daughter, granddaughter, and now her great granddaughter.
    Love you Brit-Simone. Happy Mum’s Day to you💞💞💞

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