Brenda Beat Cancer Naturally!


Life can get so busy we run ourselves ragged and on autopilot. One life event can disrupt the cycle, often for the better. One day you may get a call that shakes you to the core. Brenda experienced such an awakening. The good news is Brenda beat cancer naturally. What happened between that phone call and where she is today is another transformational story I’m excited and honored to share.


I can only imagine how shocking it is to get a doctor’s call saying you have cancer. Brenda’s doctor also told her she had less than 6 months to live. Life is full of choices. We have incredible minds and bodies. It is our responsibility to make the decision that serves us best. For Brenda, she chose a path different from radiation and chemotherapy. Brenda chose to beat cancer naturally.

Our bodies are gifted with natural healing. Sometimes there are simply too many elements fighting against us – stress, sleep deprivation, toxins, and unhealthy eating, to name a few.  The body simply cannot recover fast enough for the onslaught of challenges. So what can we do? We can start to eliminate those challenges one by one. Listen to what Brenda did to save her life in this interview:


We all carry cancer cells. Take the steps to beat cancer naturally and start removing toxins from the kitchen. Taking a close look at the ingredients in the pantry and fridge is extremely important. Unfriendly ingredients like anti-caking agents are often in spices and seasoning. Chemical preservatives are often in condiments.

Excessive sugar is another big problem. People often think they are not eating much sugar since they are not adding it to their food. However, when you add up all the food products they use, all too often, it’s more sugar than recommended daily.


Brenda’s friends were quick to dive in and help her start her healing journey by cleaning out her cupboards. Reading labels and learning about the ingredients that can be damaging over time is a great place to start. You can toss the product away right now. Or, if you want to finish up what you have, at least make it the last one. Find a healthy replacement and buy it now. That way you will have a healthy option readily available for the clean switch.

Food is incredibly confusing these days. Even fresh produce can be filled with toxins like genetic modification (GMOs) and pesticides. There are even surface sprays to make produce look more appealing. With over 10,000 food additives, it’s not surprising there are connections to health problems, including cancer. You can dive in and do your own research or get help from a Nutritionist or Naturopath.


Buying fresh organic produce helps to avoid many toxins. If you eat meat, finding options sourced sustainably with animal care makes a big difference.  Healthier animals are hormone free, fed the correct animal food, and are free range or pasture raised. Farmers markets are a great place to find local fresh and healthy meat.

If you eat fish, check your local Healthy Fish Guideto see what is safe to eat. Learn the difference between farm raised and fresh. There’s even much to learn about the differences with farmed salmonAtlantic salmon, Pacific Northwest salmon, or Norweigan salmon.


Removing toxic household products is another big step to beat cancer naturally. Baking soda and vinegar are healthy household cleaners. Use safe dish soap and dishwasher detergent. Don’t settle for cheap! You might save money now, but it could cost you your life down the road! Use safe laundry detergent and fabric softner. Stay away from most dryer sheets. Research has shown chemicals in many dryer sheets contain neurotoxins. Imagine what it’s doing to the skin?


Believe or not, daily products like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and soap can be harmful for us. Flouride, sugar, and other harmful ingredients are often found in everyday toothpaste. And there are tons of chemicals in most skin and body care products. When in doubt, get help from experts like Environmental Working Group (EWG).

EWG is a great resource that supports people living healthier lives and living in healthier environments. Their website is filled with information to help us make better buying decisions. Their EWG verifiedpage lists all the products they have reviewed as safe by their third party strict guidelines.


Find brands out there likeModere. This is a company formulating Live Clean products with a conscious choice to eliminate unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in conventional formulations. There is no animal testing. The packaging is BPA free and recyclable. They offer biodegradable formulas and gray water approved products.

It’s one stop shopping for great everyday household essentials and personal care. With over 30 years experience many Modere products have earned the EPA Safer Choice label. Other products are NSF certified, or EWG verified. I’ve been using these products for a year now and love them.


Test your home for allergens, toxins, lead, mold, micro-toxins, and water safety. You may be surprised at what you learn. Then you can take the steps to remove, replace or clean the affected area. There are lots of clean water filters out there to improve tap water as well.


It may not seem like it at first, but eating healthier does not take too much time. What is your life worth? Do something today your future self will thank you for! Eat organic and fresh as much as possible. Eat as close to raw and fresh as possible. Look for unrefined and unfiltered products. Stay away from hydrogenated oils. If your life is too busy to shop, try a service like Amazon Fresh. Save time and keep eating fresh and healthy.


Getting blood tested is a great way to learn about nutritional deficiencies.  Once we know what we are missing, we will know what produce and supplements needed to balance health. Watch out for added ingredients and preservative in supplements.


Brenda’s choice to eat healthier, get her blood tested, and focus on the right supplements all started to compound her results. She also included fresh juicing to remove toxins. Slow juicers are best to retain nutrient vitality.

She discovered the benefits of having a liver cleanse before starting a healing treatment plan. Brenda also had a natural weight loss occur as a side effect of flushing out toxins. Fat cells store toxins, so as she started to clean out the toxins, the fat started dropping off too.

Brenda also shared her research on tumor removal pros and cons. She found her cancer stem cells looking for a new home once her tumor was removed. Her cancer stem cells started recruiting for a new home when their host was gone. Brenda was out of remission and more work was needed. Removing a tumor may or may not be best, depending on the situation. Brenda consulted with her Naturopath and also got DNA screening, which comes out of Germany, to get clarity on decisions.

Now Brenda whips up a cancer killer shake almost daily with over 25 cancer killer ingredients. She uses black cumin seeds, modified citrus pectin, flax seeds and green tea to name a few.

Brenda’s most recent scan results are in showing “the reverse of a very very aggressive type cancer from 6 months to live 3 1/2 years ago to a very minimally aggressive cancer.” Brenda said, “My Doctor said I’m sure the radiologist was shocked reading this, comparing it to your past scans. And if he has cancer in his family, you’re probably going to get a phone call to see what you’re doing. He was so impressed that he said keep doing what you’re doing and I see you cancer free completely very soon.”


Brenda’s success motivated her to share to good news with others. She’s connected with local groups to share her story. Brenda is also writing a book about her experience in effort to help others. She believes cancer is not something to get stressed over. We all carry cancer cells. Our path to recovery and healthy living is to reduce the amount of challenges our immune systems must battle.

Brenda is proof that there are ways to heal naturally. She’s a firm believer that you will not be cured until you get to the root cause of your disease, whatever it is. You need to know where to start you’re healing from otherwise the problems will keep coming back. And you have to be willing to make permanent healthy improvements.

More questions for Brenda? Post in the comments below and also find Brenda Murphy on Facebook in her group Take Your Life Back. Or let us know what has helped you? The more we share, the more we can help each other live better!


Here are some resources Brenda found helpful on her healing journey: