Awesome Child Carrier Packs to help you Take a Hike!


Getting out in nature is so healing for us all. With the life change of having children, it takes a little extra work and supplies to make it fun and easy. Getting an awesome hiking child carrier backpack is key! So save your family from nature-deficit disorder, grab a pack and take a hike!

Can you believe there’s actually a title called Nature-Deficit Disorder? The truth is, we all know why. With the shift of children spending more time inside and plugged into devices, we do have a crisis on our hands.

Most of the studies agree that kids who play outside are smarter, happier, more attentive, and less anxious than kids who spend more time indoors. So go take a hike and save your family, especially your children!

Get Ready With The Right Gear

While some kids can hike along with you, many of us have toddlers and need equipment for a comfortable hike. Having children does mean constant growth and endless supplies. We start with car seats and strollers and it never stops.

Adventurous families acquire even more. We often start with bicycle trailers and awesome hiking child carrier backpacks. If you have little ones and adventures on the horizon, it’s good to know your options. Function and comfort help make the day better for all!

Hiking Child Carrier Backpack

Front To Back

The front carrier packs are wonderful for the kangaroo care style of raising a newborn. There’s nothing that compares to keeping that snuggly infant warmth close to your heart. However, the front bearing weight from a growing baby eventually becomes too uncomfortable and out of balance.

When you know your child’s neck and spine are strong enough for the jostling of a back pack, you’re good to go. Hiking child carrier backpacks simply provide much more comfort for the load bearing adult and also the child.

Hiking Child Carrier Backpack

Only recently did we make the switch from front to back. What a difference. The front pack was certainly fabulous for the smaller infant times. Now that we have a 20+ pound toddler, the hiking child carrier backpack is so much more comfortable.

Hiking Poles

And to think a pregnant mother may carry about 40 extra pounds around due date and mostly in the belly area. It’s such an incredible experience, as well as, fascinating to see how the body changes and adapts in the pregnancy process. For those pregnant and hiking out there, you may want hiking poles. They save the day and help keep you upright.

Even if you are not pregnant, hiking poles are awesome. We use them all the time and they help support our knees.

Hiking Child Carrier Backpack

Awesome Hiking Child Carrier Backpacks

Hiking child carrier backpacks definitely save the day, and your body, when the kids are bigger. However, there are different features to consider for your comfort. There are so many awesome packs to choose from with various benefits and features. Here are some that rated the best.

Features To Consider:

  • Child Safety & Comfort – How secure and comfortable is your child in the pack with their harness straps latched? Are there stirrups or foot rests? Is there a kick stand to support the pack upright when you take it off and your child is still on board?
  • Your Comfort – How do the shoulder straps and waist belt feel for you? How comfortable is the padding?
  • Adjustments – How easy is it to adjust for yourself and to modify for another person to wear?
  • Weather Protection – Is there a head cover attachment to shield the child from sun and rain?
  • Storage – Is there ample pack storage to carry your necessary provisions?
  • Water Pack – Is there a built in water storage pack for easy access to drink while continuing to hike?
  • Weight – What is the pack weight and what is the maximum child weight limit? And can you carry all that?
  • Breatheability – How good if the air flow? How much are you going to sweat?

Deuter Kid Comfort

The Deuter Kid Comfort 2 and the Deuter Kid Comfort 3 are top options. They both have great safety with a 5 point child harness, adjustable straps, foot rests and a kick stand. They are fully adjustable, comfortable, with ample storage and a cute teddy bear. Hydration systems and weather protection sold separately. The Deuter design is comfortable for both the carrier and the child.

Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier

The Thule Sapling has lots of features. It comes with a hydration sleeve and the reservoir is sold separately. It has a load stabilizer and fully adjustable straps. It has a sun shade and a bonus viewing mirror to see your child. It offers easy access for the child and stirrups.

Kelty Journey Perfectfit Child Carrier

We are using an older version of the Kelty pack. This new version is affordable in comparison to the other packs listed, but also has less amenities. This is a good option for shorter hikes since there is less padding and pockets.


The Osprey Pogo AG Child Carrier is a super sleek looking pack with an anti-gravity (AG) suspension system and mesh for breathability. It has lots of storage and a built in sun shade.

Clevr Cross County Baby Carrier Backpack

The Clevr Cross Country Backpack offers an affordable option with lots of benefits. It includes a sun and rain shade. It has lots of pockets including an insulated pocket for keeping items cool. The quality of the materials are more affordable, so this is a great budget option. All the benefits are there, just a little less fancy, and perhaps a little more fussy.

Front Pack Options

If you are hiking with a wee one, you can take advantage of the front carrier options.

Baby Wrap Carrier Slings

The baby wrap carrier slings are great for newborns. Some of these fabric wraps can even carrier up to 35-40 pounds. Once you get the hang of the way you wrap your fabric, it becomes super easy. Plus these wraps don’t take up much space.

Multi-Position Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier Packs

Lillebaby carrier

With these carriers, children can face either in or out. Packs like LILLEbaby and Ergobaby are fantastic for the first year or so of life.

They keep your child close to your heart. They make is easy for you to get around and get things done. They also make it easy for you to enjoy your first year of hiking as a family. Helpful tip – If you’re a mom and you want your man to do some of the carrying, pick a neutral color pack that he will feel comfortable wearing.

Hiking Child Carrier Backpack

Working on a budget?

Buying new equipment is always fun but the costs do add up. If you’re looking for thrifty options, consider some of these resources:

  • Find a hand-me-down from family or friends whose children have outgrown the equipment.
  • Check out thrift stores like Value Village, Savers, Salvation Army, Goodwill and the like. This will be a bit tricky to find exactly what you want.
  • Join your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook and #ASK for what you need. Someone in your neighborhood may kindly give it to you for free.
  • Join another Buy Sell Trade group and look for used options.
  • Check out Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace and the like for used options.
  • Check out used out door equipment stores or sites like REI Used, OutdoorsGeek, GearTrade, and the like.

Now go take a hike!

Find the supplies that suit your family best. And for those moms with long hair, you may want a long hair hat that rocks for keeping your hair high off your neck and your neck cool!

Be safe. Be earth friendly. Have fun with your children. Be adventurous together. Create lasting memories. In the end, the love and memories are all we have and all that matters.

Hiking Child Carrier Backpack