A Long Hair Hat Hack That Rocks!


It’s been a busy summer and messy hair happens often. However, I found a long hair hat hack that rocks and I’m hooked! Having not always been a baseball cap fan, I’ve had a hard time finding summer hats that work for sunny weather and an active casual attire lifestyle.

A long hair hat hack that rocks!
A long hair hat hack that rocks!

Messy hair, don’t care with this hat!

This ponytail/ messy high bun baseball cap changed my entire view on baseball caps. Now I realize it was all in the difficulty of combining a ponytail and a baseball cap together. I just didn’t fancy the low ponytail with the traditional baseball caps.

Over 40 colors!

Some one finally designed a baseball cap with a opening high on the hat for a ponytail or a messy high bun. Yay!!! And there are over 40 color options to choose from! For all those short hair peeps out there who cannot relate, consider this a great gift idea for a friend with medium or long hair.

Seriously, this hat is a great go-to not only for summer, but also for working out, and anytime a baseball cap is needed or wanted. It also provides great sunshade and is adjustable.

I’ve sampled my first color and I’m surprised to say I will definitely be ordering more colors to work with the different seasons! Finally, a long hair hat hack that rocks! Gotta love people who are creative and help add value to our lives, whether for fashion or function!

Plus for those busy moms, and you know who you are… This is a great way to compliment the messy high bun, especially when you also need to color your roots, or need to wash your hair! It’s great for a pony tail, a high bun, a low pony tail, or a braid. It’s comfortable to wear! And with all those color options you can have a collection to match your wardrobe! Sold!