One powerful sentence you can live by!


Have you ever met someone who made a happy mark on your soul? I mean someone who made you feel better just by them being near you, talking with you, or smiling at you? Or you could feel their positive energy beaming outward? Today I met a living angel like this. Our paths may never cross again, however today I was inspired, uplifted, and graced with continued confidence in humanity.

Sacrifice enriches the soul

Hopefully I remembered this right. The message nonetheless still communicates through. This delightful person had a tattoo that read something like, “With Sacrifice one can experience True Love.” We were playing with our children at an indoor water park/swimming pool and I saw how much she interacted with her children. I saw her perpetual smile. I saw her delight in seeing their happiness. Although she was juggling keeping an eye on three kids, she moved with joy and never once seemed stretched thin.

Sacrifice and true love

She beamed joy, patience and sacrifice for sure. These children are her world. I chatted with… let me call her Joy… and came to find out she is living her passion. These children are part of a total of 17 adopted children she has reared over her lifetime. Joy had found her calling. She said she thought adopting kids and raising a handful at a time was crazy. Today finds her with three delightful children in her family and 14 kids already out the door. I was floored!

Joy lives the meaning of her tattoo. I am amazed with how much work, unconditional love and sacrifice is involved with my only child. For Joy, years of her life have been gifted to help children in need of a healthy family upbringing receive just that.

Be the joy you wish to see in the world

It’s a huge personal time Sacrifice and it certainly yields Joy an abundance of True Love. In kind, these children are blessed with True Love which will powerfully influence the humans they grow up to be. If we could all harness just a little bit of Joy’s joy and pay it forward, oh what a better place this would be!

Take loving action

On a similar note, I am currently reading The Children of Now, Evolution and although this features children who are differently abled, sacrifice is deeply involved and true love is abound. As a new parent, I am continually in awe of the awesomeness of children. I am inspired by their perpetual energy and quest for knowledge. They are our future. How we sacrifice our own time to help them flourish does truly yield true love for us all.

I think we can all grow from this book and perhaps challenge ourselves to take action. Take action whether it be how we treat others; how we communicate with people who are differently abled; how we research our food (organic, conventional, or genetically modified GMO) before we feed it to our families; or how we research vaccines before we vaccinate ourselves and our family.

It’s all in the energy

We are bundles of energy and everything affects us good or bad. Research and experience like that of Evolution Author Meg Blackburn Losey Ph.D. can help shed light on a better path for humanity.

“With Sacrifice one can experience True Love.” What are we willing to do/sacrifice to make the world a better place today, even in the smallest of ways? I guaranty we will feel a spark of True Love and we will also have passed it on!