How to Improve Body Composition – Look Feel Leaner Better!


Want to reach your goal of looking and feeling fabulous? Not sure who is going to say no to that! Losing weight is one thing, but how about also becoming lean and optimizing the absorption of the nutrition you do eat? Weight tells one story. However with fat taking up more space than muscle, having a healthy body composition is what often motivates us. We often keep up healthy practices when we see the results in the mirror. How about an easy Lean Body Sculpting System?


I remember in college I had a 30 minute regimen of exercises and weights I did at home almost daily that not only made me feel good, but over time I could see the results and loved having an athletic body. It also helped my avid activities of bicycling, snow boarding, hiking and later hot yoga. Being young was also in my favor, so I completely understand and appreciate the benefits of supplements to help us get where we need to be, especially as we mature. We just don’t bounce back quite as springy as we used to.
So exercise and eating healthy are obvious steps to reaching optimal health, however, I have also seen how the right kind of supplements for the specific need complement and enhance results. That is why I chose to represent a brand that really makes a difference in so many ways.


I have seen some incredible results recently with friends using either the M3 system based on the Mediterranean Lifestyle or the Lean Body Sculpting System. With M3, there are 3 daily supplements that support Burning off weight with thermogenics, Sustaining health with protein and vitamins, and Syncing the system with good fiber daily. My girlfriend lost 30 pounds in her first few months and the coolest part is she has sustained weight loss where she never did before.
What I like about this system is you don’t’ have to go on a deprivation diet or anything not sustainable long term. It does however involve you wanting to truly live a healthier life and be willing to walk away from some bad habits, like fast food.
I personally have used some, but not all, of these supplements. As a nursing mom, I am waiting until this phase of my life is done before I do a cleanse of any kind, or use anything that reduces fat since I need it all to make milk. But yes I confidently promote these products because of the research, clinical trials, proven safety, responsible formulation, clean and effective results, and because I’ve seen the success with my own eyes.

Body Composition Results


Not only do we want to provide our bodies with supportive nutrition, but it’s also important to make sure we maximize absorption and increase bioavailability. Cleansing out toxins, parasites and junk that is basically blocking our ability to best absorb nutrition is part of the process. We are constantly bombarded with environmental toxins so it just makes sense to do our part on the other end and regularly help remove them.
In our household, we have been doing annual cleanses for years (35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide Cleanse) and cleanses (Activated Charcoal) focused on purging the body when we feel we are coming down with something. We also slow juice mostly vegetables on a regular basis offering an array of antioxidants and detoxifying nutrition.


Now we also have Activate, a 3 day detox and one of three supplements making up the Lean Body Sculpting System. Activate is an easy and tasty deep green cleanse powder that is added to water and consumed at night before bed only 3 nights a month. Whether or not you have time to juice or cook fresh foods, you certainly have time to quickly mix this supplement and enjoy it a few days a month to support your body’s absorption of nutrients, help flush extra weight and the toxins they hold, and support gut health.
Activate, a name well chosen, energizes you, compliments a fat loss regimen, rejuvenates cellular health and ignites digestive energy. Plus you don’t have to change your life and live near a bathroom for days on end. Even though this definitely Activates your system, you can go about your life as normal!
Robert Ferguson, CEO Diet Free Life, a Nutritionist, Fitness Expert, serving on the Presidential Task Force on Obesity for the National Medical Association, known as America’s Fat Loss Coach, and also Nutrition and Fitness Consultant with Modere, said he does his Activate cleanse at the beginning of each month so it’s easy to stay on track. He says that Activate is part of a system that makes it very easy to optimize personal health and keep on a structured path of success for our body composition and overall weight. Plus over time with continued use, Activate will yield incredible benefits.
Three key ingredients come with Activate:
• Organic aloe vera for soothing and healing.
• Natural apple pectin for toxin flushing.
• Psyllium powder to help everything continue moving through your body.

Lean Sculpting System
Lean Sculpting System


Next comes Trim in the Lean Body Sculpting System. Who doesn’t like the sound of a spoonful of magic a day to help melt the fat away? This is an outstanding daily liquid supplement that supports results I’ve never seen before for burning fat and complementing metabolism. Seriously, this stuff works, but you must give it time.
Trim includes clinical strength conjugated linolenic acid (CLA), a total of 3.4 grams per serving, which is the magic number clinically proven to support fat burning metabolism, helps to block the transport from blood into fat cells inhibiting the enzyme for fat absorption which means fat cells shrink, reduces fat cell formation, and promotes a sculpted lean body. Fantabulous!
People are getting thinner even if they are not necessarily losing weight because they are losing fat and promoting lean muscle mass. How lovely is that! This happens regardless of exercise, however exercise of course is key for health and exponential results.


Trim also has the super performing Liquid Biocell Collagen matrix for anti-aging, providing half the daily serving. This matrix of liquid collagen, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid restores youth, supports hair, nails, gums, eyes, skin, connective tissue, joints and muscle fitness. Having a dynamic bioavailable supplement like this that supports multiple benefits at once is such a bonus to a busy lifestyle.
My favorite is the Liquid BioCell Skin Formula with extra nutrients focused on skin care anti-aging. Note, neither Trim or Biocell are vegan or vegetarian as they include hydrolyzed collagen type II peptides sourced from chickens offering a digestible bioavailable liquid form of collagen with exemplary results. Trim is the only product that features an innovative, first-in-the-world combination of two awesome ingredients for optimal results – CLA to accelerate fat reduction, and the Collagen/HA Matrix Technology to improve muscle tone and restore youthful skin.
There’s tons of science and clinical trials behind this with efficacy and results. And all you need to take is the exact serving size recommended to create a result of efficacy shown in clinical trials. Studies have shown, if you consume more or less than the exact serving size, the results will NOT be better, so stick with the program!
Plus, consistency and patience are very important with using Trim. In the first 3 months, Trim’s CLA helped people optimize their ability to drop body fat and improve lean body mass, meaning they were burning more calories naturally. Then in the 4-6 month time frame the results get even better.


Finally, there is Burn, to create a metabolic shift with a plant based thermogenic boosting metabolism and increasing energy. Three capsules a day, whether taken at once or spread out through the day, contain 180 mg of caffeine, about as much as 2 cups of coffee. So if you are not a caffeine person, not to worry as each product can be ordered individually.
Burn also includes 3 plant derived key ingredients:
• Fucoxanthin – from seaweed helps to sculpt the body from increasing the metabolism.
• Berberine – helps to balance blood sugar, reduce lipid levels, and reduce blood pressure.
• Chromium Picolinate – helps lower fasting blood glucose, insulin levels, and hemoglobin.
All ingredients help to optimize blood sugar, connective tissues supporting fat loss and boosts metabolism, reduce cravings, increase energy.
With continued use we enjoy two thermogenic levels starting with higher energy right away. Then around week for 4-5 the fucoxanthin being fat soluble kicks in and starts turning white fat to brown fat so it can be burned more readily, while maintaining and balancing healthy blood sugar levels.
Robert Ferguson said these quality products focusing on body composition put people in a position to be successful. He personally uses Burn regularly.
This is truly a marriage of exemplary ingredients and products, with healthy food and body movement. There is no time like now to draw a line in the sand and decide you’re going to make a healthy change for good. Your life is worth it!