Eat Me In A Pinch soups for the Season!


“Food is my love language. My family has thrived for decades with healthy meals. It’s rewarding knowing we are passing the love on by making healthy easier with our plant based quick cooking soups,” Brit-Simone Kneeland, Eat Me In A Pinch Founder, Bothell, WA.

Whoa, wait a minute, that’s me! Yes, I have been extremely busy building this business with the help of my husband. After almost a year in development, we launched the website in June and started offering Eat Me In A Pinch Soups at our local farmers market in August.

”We encourage honest feedback. In just four months, our debut line of 9 soups are getting rave reviews. We share testimonials in our weekly newsletter and on our blog.”

What is so special about Eat Me In A Pinch soups?

  • Plant Based ingredients
  • Sourced as Organic as possible  
  • All GMO Free ingredients
  • Gluten free options available

Additional Benefits:

  • Quick cooking – Heat and eat in about 10 minutes
  • Everything is included
  • Long shelf life
  • Emergency food
  • Camping food
  • Great for gifts

Delicious and Nutritious

“There are lots of dry mix soup options out there. What sets us apart, though, is our soups are made all inclusive, with health in mind, taste great, and cook up quickly saving people time and hassle.”

“We provide ingredient transparency and there are no junk filler ingredients.“

“In a pinch, no additional ingredients are needed. Simply toss the pouch of soup in a pot with about two cups of water. Heat and eat in about 10 minutes.“

Nine soups have debuted since the launch of the website. All a little different, all plant based, all delicious and all quick to cook. They are all inclusive which means your can enjoy them as is, or add your favorite extras. They are also great for camping and backpacking.

The Menu

The Best Deal

Take advantage of the best deal with free shipping at $75 and stock your cupboards with tasty and healthy emergency options for the days you’re too tired to put a lot of effort into cooking, or build up a survival stash for serious emergencies.

Eat Me In A Pinch soups are also great for gifting. There’s also a reusable organic cotton gift bag available that comes with faux vine ribbon and a gift tag.


“This past week I have had two perfectly delicious meals of soup. Highly recommend! I tried Thai Coconut and Piggy Free Split Pea and look forward to trying more. Thanks Brit-Simone and Marty! Don’t change a thing!” Elizabeth, of Wakefield, MA.

“I grabbed 4 soups at the Woodinville Farmer’s Market on Saturday. They are all gone. Absolutely delicious. Thank you for the wonderful soup. I’ll be back for more!” Ken of Woodinville, WA.

“I just finished the Chummy Chili – it was awesome. By the way, thanks for the tip to stir frequently – I basically stirred the soup the entire time. I like spicy so I added about 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper – wow – so good. Before for I ate it, I added, as your suggestion, some nutritional yeast. Keep up the excellent work!” Don, Centre of Hall, PA

For more feedback and testimonials and to get a sneak peek into the journey of growing this business from seed to sprouting success, check out the Eat Me In A Pinch blog.

Don’t delay, grab some soup today!

In gratitude.