What a Spring Tea Party can do for you.


Spring is in the air in the Pacific Northwest. Flowers are budding and blooming. Birds are chirping and singing. Celebration of a new season is in the air along with warmer weather. There’s nothing like a tea party on a sunny Spring afternoon to usher in this beautiful season. How fulfilling it was!

Thanks to having a toddler daughter, I along with friends and family, enjoy living life through her eyes. Skylar sets up tea parties in multiple locations each day throughout our home. Nonetheless, we have pretend tea parties everywhere, from the steps to the coffee table to the kitchen floor, and her imagination runs wild.

Tea Sets

I never thought having children’s tea parties would be so important to a little one. Clearly for our little one, tea parties are currently a daily event. She loves playing with all her different tea sets at once. However, the tin tea set is surviving the migrating tea parties a little better than the porcelain tea set. Wherever she’d settle and set up, Skylar would then tell us what kind of imaginary tea she made for us all. Sometimes it’s a fruit or berry tea. Other times it’s a color tea; yellow, red, blue, or brown. And on occasion it’s something excitingly unique like mud tea.

Pour in some love

We now have introduced real tea, thanks to our visit with a friend who spoiled us with a delightful Spring tea party the other day. She served real English tea with milk, which we watered down for our little one. Plus we devoured mouth watering cupcakes, fresh fruit and a delicious vegetable tray. I brought a special mimosa spritzer with freshy slow juiced organic oranges and grapefruits mixed with champagne and a splash of Aperol. This was a tea party for both young and seasoned!

Magic in the moment

The moment was magical. My almost three year old daughter loved pouring tea from her small pot into all of the little tea cups. She drank from all the cups then hastily requested a teapot refill. Then she cheered with us and clinked our tea cups together. As a result, Skylar delighted in the entire activity of pouring and drinking tea, eating and being social, and so did we!

Of course, Skylar eagerly and without any delay ate a cupcake with a bounty of frosting. These kind of sweet treats are just that, a rare sweet treat. Our daughter was simply elated by the whole experience. The rest of us soaked up her joy and were equally refreshed. (I do wish I took a picture of our yummy mimosas.)

Love is in the air

I drove home feeling a little happier, a little lighter, and full of a lot more love. Taking moments in our lives to celebrate with children, friends and family for any good reason, even the change of a season, is good for the soul. Life moves so quickly. When you have children you see the reality of life’s speed as they sprout before your eyes. We make the magic in life in those precious little moments we share with others.

Above all, this Spring tea party certainly reminded us of the joy in the moment. Living in the now is all we truly have. For instance, put down the phone, except to take pictures or videos of course. Be part of the activity in this moment and really live it. I probably haven’t had a tea party since I was a little girl. Now I have them daily, and I love them so! All too soon, this phase of life will change, just like the season, and all we have is our memory. Make them great along the way.

Enjoy your own kind of tea party

Similarly, perhaps your Tea Party time is taking some solo time to meditate, walk, hike, do yoga, read a book, take a nap, or some other personal activity. Whatever your joy, the Tea Party is a metaphor for taking in that joy which means something to you and really soaking it up. Your future self will be grateful. And that is what a Tea Party can do for you. Soul nourishing!

Happy Spring! Happy Tea Party time to you! Be the joy you wish to see in the world.

2 thoughts on “What a Spring Tea Party can do for you.

  1. I recently met a woman who loves to drink tea, and as I have come to know her through the afternoons we have spent talking, she served me cup after beautiful cup. I never imagined having tea could be magical until I met her. For her, it is a precious slowing down, a soulful moment, and a soothing ceremony that brings the senses into peaceful alignment with truly living in the moment. I will never see it the same way again, and for that, I am grateful. Although, I’m sure that having tea with Skylar is a whole new level of magic entirely. <3 Thank you for the beautiful pictures and for the inspiration to share. 🙂

    1. I concur with the precious slowing down, soulful moment and soothing ceremony. Tea with Skylar is a little more energetic, nonetheless, soulful indeed! You are welcome and I look for to tea time together!

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