5 Unique Healthy Gifts Moms Would Love for Mother’s Day


Moms deserve a day of recognition for all the energy they pour into their families. Mother’s day is a perfect time to share your gratitude and spoil mom with a special experience, or a unique healthy gift. Consider these 5 unique healthy gifts moms would love for Mother’s Day!

Ella & Mila Nail Polish – Non-Toxic Nail Bling

Ella & Mila Nail Polish offers plant powered products that are vegan and cruelty free with an extensive color selection. This eco-friendly nail polish is chip-resistant, quick-drying with high-shine and even a fun matte finish. The formulas contain no Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP), Xylene or Camphor. They also have an awesome soy nail polish remover.

In addition, this is a great line for ingredient conscious mamas who want to share their polish with their children. There are even “Mommy & Me” collections. Order a gift card, pull together your own selection, or check out their gift set collections.

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Hurom Juicer – Daily Fresh Nutrients

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, a juicer is a fabulous gift of health, wellness and anti-aging (I like to stay youthful aging.). Hurom Juicers are great for keeping the live active nutrients bio-available for us which offer so many benefits. These are slow masticating juicers which mean they slow press your juice and keep it as fresh as possible. A friend of ours recommended the Hurom juicers and we love it. This kind of Mother’s Day gift will keep on giving year after year.

Get 25% off all juicers with code BESTMOMEVER at the Hurom’s Mother’s Day Sale. And if you miss it, you can sign up on their email list for future sale info.

Liquid BioCell Collagen – An Anti-Aging Miracle

Liquid Biocell Collagen takes health and wellness to a new level. This is a great Mother’s Day gift for moms who are health conscious. Equally this is great for moms who may be looking for some relief. Biocell is a highly bioavailable naturally derived collagen, hyaluronic acid and condroitin sulfate matrix. This means that as soon as you put a spoonful into your mouth, your body starts absorbing the nutrients.

Start your mom on a new path of anti-aging, health support, joint comfort and more! The fact is that near our 20th year around the sun, we produce less and less collagen naturally. We need all the help we can get from fresh food and supplements.

Liquid BioCell “supports joint and muscle fitness, connective tissue health, counteracts skin photoaging, restores youthful skin, and supports healthy hair, nails, gums and eyes.” The cool thing is the variety of products offered support those needing low sugar intake, as well as, keto focused diets.

Also, if your mom is a coffee lover and likes clean energy, including this collagen coffee will offer a deluxe anti-aging, youthful-aging, gift set!

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Thrive Causemetics – Healthy MakeUp

If your mom loves make up, Thrive Causemetics offers a healthy product line of “vegan, 100% cruelty-free formulas containing proven ingredients without the use of parabens or sulfate”. The owner’s story is heartwarming in that she created this line after losing a friend to cancer. Hence, she created this brand to empower women and help women thrive through giving back from consumer product purchases.

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Korean Spa Package – A Day of Bliss

This is not your normal spa experience! A Korean Spa visit is an all day affair. It can range in price from under $100 to over a few hundred depending on the packages you buy. Hence, a Korean Spa gift certificate if a great for a variety of Mother’s Day budgets.

You will have to do a little research on what is available in your area. For the Pacific Northwest, Olympus Spa located in both Tacoma and Lynnwood, WA are absolutely fabulous!

A day at a Koren Spa means personal indulgence, self time and detoxing that is often a rare experience. Spend hours soaking in tubs of various temperatures, including a cold 60 degree tub and a mugwort rinse. Heat up and detox in a sauna or steam room. Afterward, read a book or magazine, or rest, and enjoy the collection of heated salt and rock rooms.

Or take the bliss to the next level with a massage, body scrub or other beauty service. And finally to make it a complete day of checking out, often these spas will have their own cafe. Wrapped up in your robe, in between treatments, you can take in a healthy lunch and get right back to relaxing. If you can tell already, this is definitely a personal favorite.

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

traingle pose

Similarly, if your mom prefers experiences more than material gifts, consider giving the Gift of Yoga! Once again, this is another Mother’s Day gift option than supports health and wellness. It is also something you can do with a small or large budget.

As I think many of us can agree, sometimes the Best Gift for Mom
is often showing your appreciation, sharing your gratitude, and enjoying a precious moment together. If you’re still in a pickle though, there’s always a bounty of Mother’s Day deals on Amazon!

Happy Mother’s Day moms!

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