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Enjoy Handmade Goat’s Milk Soap and Stay Healthy!

It all started years ago Once upon a time at the wholesale Seattle Gift Show in 2003, we met a young sweet gal who was promoting her family’s goat’s milk soap company and product line. At the time, we were in a booth nearby marketing our handcrafted jewelry line my husband made. As with many […]

Colorful Roasted Vegetables

Colorful roasted vegetables look beautiful together and provide a delicious complement to each other. There is a trick however to making a roasted vegetable dish and retaining the variety of colors. This can be especially tricky when you include a vibrant color bleeding vegetable like a red beet. The trick is to cook the vegetables […]

Gifting Books for Advent

PEARLS OF WISDOM SHARED I am forever grateful for the mother who shared the idea of gifting books to my daughter for advent. Christmas time is already an enhanced joyous experience now that we have a little girl in our lives. Just watching her play imaginary games or enjoy her books, toys and art projects […]

Winter Supplements for Immune Support.

EMBRACING CHANGE The shift in seasons delivers change in so many ways. For us in the Pacific Northwest, the summer dresses, shorts and tee shirts move to the quiet corner of the closet. Unless you are like my three year old daughter, who insists on wearing summer dresses year round. For the rest of us, […]